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The FRIENDS Club is designed to be the friendliest and most seductive Lifestyle Club in Austin, and maybe even all of Central Texas! Established in 1993, and catering to adventurous COUPLES and SINGLE LADIES, it is a place that truly lives up to its name. The FRIENDS Club provides an intimate and engaging environment that is available every Friday and Saturday night from 9pm until 2 am. Like minded adults are invited to explore possibilities with others, or to just enjoy intimate moments in a safe, comfortable, private and sexy atmosphere. The parties at The FRIENDS Club are for the Members, and the Members make the parties! Our crowds are from all walks of life, come in all shades, sizes, and ages and generally the only thing they have in common is a SEXY ATTITUDE! We know that everyone is not made for everyone else, and provide you an environment to mingle, interact, and test the waters to see if you have found a match. The FRIENDS Club provides comfortable seating, an ample dance floor with request driven DJ'd music, an elevated STRIPPER POLE, a GO-GO CAGE, and a very inviting SHADOW BOX for your enjoyment and entertainment. In being a PRIVATE, Members Only Club that allows (not requires) those that are adventurous to wear as little as a G-String at any time we are not allowed to serve booze. Basic Set-ups are available and provided free of charge, and Premium Set-ups (energy drinks and juices) can be purchased for a reasonable fee, but The FRIENDS Club does NOT serve alcohol in any way, shape or form. Members are allowed to bring in whatever beverage is most appealing to them, and we do have a number of ice buckets, as well as a bartender on duty to provide those things you may need. It almost seems strange to mention, but The FRIENDS Club is NOT a house party, and DOES have a cover charge for our parties, as well as a Fee required to become a Member. These prices are both set at a moderate level, and can be paid at the door, on attendance and joining. Aside from these standard costs, the only other funds for your evening would be those provided towards tipping (not mandatory, but VERY appreciated) the bar and/or DJ. The FRIENDS Club is not a place for everyone, and your discretion and privacy is as important to us as it is to you. In regards to this, and for added security to our Members, we require a phone conversation with the lady of the couple before we give our physical address or directions to the club. To learn even more, about The FRIENDS Club have a visit to our core website at, or give us a call at (512) 251-1199 ! Just for grins, we thought we'd also mention that The FRIENDS Club was featured years ago on the Playboy TV special: "Behind Closed Doors...Swinging"! On the chance that you see a copy of the show, you almost HAVE to come out and see the place now, so you can be a first hand witness to the things that have changed !!!

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