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Masturbating Matures (public)
This is a group for anyone (35-75) who like to watch and be watched masturbating. Please read the FULL group description to see if you are seriously interested. We can either talk on the phone or meet you in person before the party. We have a ZERO tolerance for anyone who does NOT understand the word NO or who is disrespectful or derogatory to anyone. This is NOT a Ken & Barbie Club although we welcome them. Violate the stated above and you will leave the party, be banned from the group and reported to the site. Before I approve any new members I would want to talk to them on the phone. If you agree to that I will send you our phone member. I do this because there is to much to put in the group description (on some sites) and also so you understand what the group is about. I (Husband) am available to contact any day (including weekends) and evenings so I am very accessible. My wife is available evenings and weekends. This weeds out people who just join groups and do nothing. If you join the group and you do not attend at least 1 party a month you will be dropped from the group. We are NOT looking to bulk up our roster , we are looking for serious players. There is NO alcohol at these parties. I checked with the town police and they informed me that if someone leaves our house and drives drunk and gets pulled over or in an accident we too are responsible. If you respond to an e-mail or an invite to a party please state whether you will or will not be attending (Yes or No) not maybe. Also if you are attending please tell us what time you will be arriving so we can manage our time. If you have to cancel attendance please call us at 732-521-5519. We want you in the group but if you do not value our time and work to give a party by not calling us to cancel we will have to drop you from the group. Sorry but we have wasted to much time planning parties for no attendees. If you would care to meet us first we can do that. We are located in Monroe Township New Jersey. Originally the group house parties were held on Monday nights but that will be switched to Friday or Saturday night when future parties and be scheduled. We are also available to meet just both of you at our house in Monroe Township NJ so we can to get to know each other if that works for both of you. When we talk on the telephone we can schedule that if you like. If you get an invite to join the group please respond to the invite as soon as possible. If you plan to attend a party contact us with a YES or NO not a maybe and state the time you will be arriving so we can manage our time. Thank You, masturbatingcpl : Local "Club Sex"
1 2015-11-28
Bakersfield swing team (public)
Bakersfield group ready to have some clean grown up fun . : Local "Sex Club"
1 2015-11-28
men2men london / uk (public)
meet up group for straight, bi and gay guys only mm mmm mmmm+ : Local "Club Sex"
0 2015-11-28
The Garden of Eros (public)
A group platform dedicated to erotic house party settings involving multiple couples and select singles who enjoy smoldering piles of intense sexual sharing. Bisexual, straight or somewhere in between, it's all good. The only bedroom rule is no means no. Always respect the hosts and their space and everyone contributes to the gatherings by way of finger foods, mixers, ice etc... : Local "Sex Club"
1 2015-11-28
PSC (Pune Swinger Club) (public)
Become part of the safe and quality swinging lifestyle community! Find local swingers in your area fast with our huge database of real couples looking for someone just like you. sexy couples connect and explore their erotic fantasies with our great features like Speed Dating, Travel Events, Swinger Parties (public and private), Voyeur Cam, Blogs, and much more. you will find exactly what you’re looking for with PSC! : Local "Club Sex"
0 2015-11-27
horny hotties 256 (public)
Looking for people to group up with for fun parties and drinks and fooling around : Local "Sex Club"
0 2015-11-26
Naughty Beginners (public)
Sex enthusiasts looking to push there comfort zones to the limits and the experienced who want to show us how : Local "Club Sex"
0 2015-11-26
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