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TwoAndU4Fun House Parties (private)
We are starting up the house parties again, if you are looking to meet other like minded people in a relaxed atmosphere away from the bar scene send a request to join as all information will be posted there. This is open to bi females or couples with bi females only. . Sorry guys. : Local "Club Sex"
kinky sex party (private)
we are a wild group of people that get together once a month at different locations and have fun we do get joined rooms with food there is a cover for the room to help pay for the room.. we r a no means no group we r smokers some of us are we do drink and like to have fun . couples with bi females and straight couples are welcome . NO bisexual men please ........ here is my email if u r interested ( .. thx tony and gale : Local "Sex Club"
4 Aces. Des Moines iowa (public)
A meet n greet for swinger in a no charge venue : Local "Club Sex"
Winnipeg'z finest (public)
A group for couples that want to meet other couples with the same interest in their local area. : Local "Sex Club"
doin it on all fours (public)
offline Meet & Greets all types welcome lets have a ball : Local "Club Sex"
Make My Wife A Slut (public)
Couples that looking for a guy. Guys that enjoys seeing that wife treated like a slut. : Local "Sex Club"
Real Chicago Meetups (public)
People in the IL area who are interested in chatting, getting together, or just meeting new people...anything goes :) : Local "Club Sex"
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