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Bisexual Couples in the North (public)
A group for bisexual couples to meet and get to know one another : Local "Club Sex"
Oregon Wife Sharing Group (public)
A place for Husbands in Oregon that like to share their wives, and for guys in Oregon that want to be the lucky ones to get to share someones wife. : Local "Sex Club"
Mid Mo FWB (public)
This Group is open to Married Couples only...M/F..Couples looking for FWB and much more..Like minded and non pushy people are a must...and as always safe and discreet sexual adventures are a must.....Thanks! Mike and Louise : Local "Club Sex"
fresh start (public)
place where all the new people can join together. chats, meets, an nothing but good times. Vets are all welcome to. : Local "Sex Club"
xxxtc (public)
We Have a great venue becoming the hottest in the area Lots of play space VIP rooms for overnight stays or priv. play at a extra charge very few rooms available. Hot tub Pool in warm weather games room dance play eat all you want in a party email us if you would like to come booking fast just wanna confirm if you wanna be on the guest list : Local "Club Sex"
georgia roleplay (public)
couples into kinky taboo roleplay : Local "Sex Club"
330 Spankline friends (public)
This group is for northeast Ohio,Pa,and West Virginia swingers who actually meet n greet.We have a no pressure policy rule that makes all who attend our events feel comfy.So if you are thinking of attending your first house party or group club event this is the place to start.we are 9 year veterans of the lifestyle and are familiar with the insecurities that some couples have.You can relax with us 😊 We prefer the company of regular friends like we already have and just looking to add more numbers to the fun Single males are limited and select as well as the females.WE NEED PARTICIPATION to schedule events! Let's see what we can do here people at least we can hang and talk about it!Post ideas or comments here or mail us directly. This worked very well on another site so we're gonna try it here, Thanks!πŸ˜ˆπŸ˜œπŸ˜›πŸ˜Spankline : Local "Club Sex"
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