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Memphis Meet and Greet (public)
I have decided to create this group as a way for local Memphians and those close by to get to know each other better. I can't speak for everyone but our goal in joining this site was to do just that. We are very interested in meeting new like minded people who understand the lifestyle, enjoy having a good time, are comfortable with themselves and their situation, but are looking to broaden their horizons. Trust is a huge issue in this lifestyle so liars, cheaters, scammers, cons, and alike please find another group to join. Better yet, straighten up, get right, and learn to have some real honest fun. I promise it's way better this way. So, if you/y'all consider yourselves to be happy, easy going, laid back, and ready to explore then come on in. Let's get started and see just how far we are willing to go! I'm excited! You should be too! : Local "Club Sex"
0 2016-05-24
Ann Arbor Meet n Greets and
Swinger Parties
We host monthly meet n greets and house/hotel parties in the Ann Arbor, MI area. This group is a HWP COUPLES ONLY group. The meet n greets are open to everyone but the parties are always HWP couples only. It's the only Ypsi/A2 and greater Washtenaw County meet n greet and party so join us and let's get this party started! Only the sexiest, naughtiest, full swap couples allowed! : Local "Sex Club"
1 2016-05-23
Oklahoma Bi Sexual Couples &
This is a safe judgement free group for anyone who wants to explore, ask questions, post photos, or tell your stories. Be respectful or get the boot. Ads for meet up are welcome and encouraged. : Local "Club Sex"
1 2016-05-23
Menifee Fun & Events (public)
This group is for those couples that live in Menifee California and surrounding cities in the Inland Empire. Our purpose is to keep everyone informed about Lifestyle events that are taking place in our area. Also, this is a forum for those who have questions about Lifestyle subjects. : Local "Sex Club"
1 2016-05-22
SwingersCircleOrlando (public)
You are invited to 9pm Saturday- The Famous SwingersCircle Intimate "Social-Orgy" Party- Enjoy On-Premise-Intimate-Seductive PlayParty Included For ALL!! : Local "Club Sex"
1 2016-05-17
A13894 up face down we do it GA
Private and Discrete..... Classy and Freaky...... Play hard and be Grown about it! Are you READY? : Local "Sex Club"
0 2016-05-15
Northern Wyoming (public)
For cpls that are loving up in the northern part of Wyoming : Local "Club Sex"
1 2016-05-15
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