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NM lovers with fantasy (public)
Couple that want to hang out and maybe if the spark happens then let it burn and we r all respectful of each other : Local "Club Sex"
0 2016-02-05
10 minutes in Heaven Watch And
Play In The Northbay
People who like to observe others and people who want to be watched . 10 minutes in Heaven , how about a twist on spin the bottle . All attendees get a ticket to sign and put in a sack we draw two names and off you go . 10 minutes to talk or whatever you like , and so on put your name back in as often as you like . Share yourthoughts on this or twists : Local "Sex Club"
1 2016-02-05
Central Texas folks (public)
Let's meet and have fun : Local "Club Sex"
1 2016-02-05
Couples Retreat Entertainment (public)
~WE ARE A SOCIAL LIFESTYLE GROUP ~ Not only are we a social lifestyle group, we enjoy each others company in and out of the lifestyle. We do not compare ourselves to any other group because we pride ourselves on our individuality. We are very easygoing. Just ask your southern lifestyle friends and I assure you someone has heard of "Couples Retreat "Soul 2 Soul We pride our self in the support that we provide in and out of our respective community. This is what makes us unique. Couples Retreat Soul 2 Soul is a place where you will be accepted just as your are and have a pleasant and pleasurable experience, without judgement. Whether its social interaction, private parties or personal playtime we are the group that you would love to experience We established the group to provide those with the same ideas of sexuality a place to have adult fun. If this is you, then you are in the right place. We hope to indulge you in an open minded environment. Our Sexy and Erotic parties are geared towards a sexy mature, crowd. Our goal is to provide a fun, intimate and cozy atmosphere for individuals and couples interested in formulating and .retaining friendships : Local "Sex Club"
1 2016-02-03
new dont no (public)
Good sex : Local "Club Sex"
1 2016-02-02
San Antonio BBW Swingers (public)
Come on and show off your body big is beautiful : Local "Sex Club"
1 2016-02-02
Northwest Montana Swingers (public)
There isn't any swinger groups in the area my wife and I wanted to see how many people we could get together.It will be a lot of fun. : Local "Club Sex"
0 2016-02-01
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